Perhaps it’s the product of having far too much time on one’s hands, or maybe the fruits of boredom…but what the hell. Inspired and awed by all the amazing foodblogs out there, I have decided to make my own attempt at recording my adventures with food. With a few crumbs here and there about my attempts at making music or art. Maybe. Hopefully.

Things you might like to know about me:

1. My name is Chris. I’m from Sydney, Australia, a university student and hopeless daydreamer and procrastinator.

2. I know nothing about foodblogging, except that my current camera isn’t that great…Something to be remedied, I hope!

3. I know very little about food, beyond the fact that I like very much to eat it. Favourites are chocolate (who doesn’t?), most types of sashimi and sushi, and mangos. I don’t like banana or pickles much, and keep telling myself I don’t like fast food.

4. My hobbies lie in music, drawing, karate and procrastination. I suppose procrastination is an art, rather than a hobby.

5. You don’t want to meet me on the roads. If you happen to encounter a L-plater who you suspect may be me, my parents would probably advise you to take extreme caution and make no sudden movements. =P

6. The other half, T, is my partner-in-crime and dance, fellow chef, piano accompanist, muse, inspiration and…well. You get the drift.

So…welcome to The Way it Crumbles, I guess? It will be a journey, I imagine, a learning experience and trial by fire. See you along the way.