So, my partner-in crime-and-all-else has asked me to come and say something too… well, here goes!

1. My name is Tim, and I’d call myself a professional student, except that they’re not paying me to do it.  So I have to go out and work for a living in order to support my Lindt Chocolate addiction.

2. I’m most definitely the senior partner in this syndicate – most certainly if we’re determining it by the number of criminal acts I’ve committed on the world of cooking…

3. Yes, I’d agree that you probably don’t want to meet Chris on the roads just yet either.  But she’s getting better… not much thanks to me though..! *smacks hand for teaching bad driving habits*

4. I’m much better at recreating music than recreating food (although I’m terrible at creating either!).  However, when one has 10 kilograms of Lindt lying about the house, it becomes hard to resist the urge to attempt (keyword here) to do something nice with it.

5. Oh, and in case I didn’t mention it before, I’m bad at cooking ^_^;;

So, welcome aboard, enjoy the ride, and don’t mind the burning smell coming from my side of the engine room.