Here is the obligatory photoshoot from our recent trip to…

I carried out tasting over a few days – I’m not sure Tim has had a chance to try all of these yet, so I might just have to make a trip out to his place to…’help’…him in finishing them all up! But one thing worth noting – these all kept rather well, even on the fourth day after we bought them. The macarons were just starting to get a little soft, but that would be the natural consequence of not sealing the bag well, and the fact that they were filled.

But first up, the gorgeous Miss Marple:

Unfortunately for this starlet, she didn’t travel particularly well, and her crisp toffee accessory had begun to melt by the time we got around to devouring her. Although that made the rest of the box rather sticky, the resulting glaze on the rest of her was rather nice – like caramel had been drizzled on top. The tart was filled with an orange creme, and topped with strawberries. I wasn’t entirely sure about the combination, but it worked well enough. The base was probably a bit softer than it was supposed to be, due to the melted toffee shard noted above, but still very nice and not too heavy.

Pate sable, maple syrup royale, orange creme & fresh strawberries

Chocolate Sacher:

Up next, we have this devilishly decadent delight… I think it was called Chocolate Sacher, but bad me didn’t take notes. Next time, I will remember to take photos of the names of things we order! I didn’t bother working out what was in this – the whole thing tasted like one huge dark chocolate truffle – meltingly mudcake-like, with an almost indecent amount of chocolate ganache. I only had a maybe one inch cube piece, but it was quite sufficient. Definitely for the die-hard chocolate fans, and definitely to be bought again.

Wild Strawberry and Lime Millefeuille:

Once again, we’re only guessing at the name of this, but Millefeuille sounds about right. This was my absolute favorite out of all 4 cakes. In it, there were layers of puff pastry, the many fine crispy leaves at the top and bottom of the cake, that give it its name. I was very impressed by the way it remained crispy, and didn’t go soggy, even 2 days after we bought it. Was the top brushed with sugar? Whatever it was, it was good.
Just underneath was a lime filling. It wasn’t quite as sour as the one in the cake below, but that might just be because it wasn’t fighting for dominance with the sweetness of chocolate. Still ultra-good, I think all these citrus fillings were really well done and balanced everything out really well.
But admittedly, it was the layer of wild strawberry jelly that absolutely stole the show. I might have eaten this layer all by itself (and all by myself!) if it weren’t for the fact that other people wanted some of the cake too! Like the ripest, sweetest strawberries, plucked straight off the plants from my highschool farm, and made into a jelly with a tart jam-like consistency. My mouth is watering just remembering it…
The cake which separated the jelly from the lime had absorbed both flavours by the time we ate this cake, and so was nicely moist.
Separated, each layer was good, altogether, I thought it was really nicely balanced and simply worked. Would love to try making this at some point…I think it’s doable. But until then, perhaps it will provide just one of many excuses to go back.

Caramelised puff pastry, lime mascarpone creme, wild strawberry jelly & biscuit jaconde

Cinque Terre:

Neither Tim or I can remember the name of this. He thinks it might be the name of an Italian town starting with ‘C’ Edit:  Chocolatesuze has kindly let us know it was called Cinque Terre-  which makes sense, ‘5 layers of ‘earth’?…but I have no clue. Whatever it was, it wasn’t bad. The meringue topping on top is so pretty, but began to slide off by the time it made it home, as you might be able to see in the photograph. It was sweet, but not overly so. It was followed by a layer of milk chocolate ‘something’, it wasn’t quite a ganache, and didn’t taste like it was all milk chocolate – i suspect there was some hazelnut or something in there that i have forgotten. Once again, highlighting how important it is to make notes!
That was followed by a lemon filling – perfectly balanced between sourness and sweetness, it cuts through the richness of the cake really well, and gives it something special. I wouldn’t have thought of that combination myself, but it somehow works. Underneath that, was a chocolate jaconde, but I was in a hurry to get to the chocolate mousse below that. Very creamy, but I would have liked a bit more of a pronounced chocolate taste – perhaps it is because Tim and I like our mousse recipe too much to concede that anyone else’s is better! One thing I didn’t like about it though, was the unexpected presence of dates or prunes, whatever they were (I don’t eat them much, so unless it’s a sultana, I honestly couldn’t tell you what it was). Just not to my liking. I ended up scouring the rest of each spoonful very carefully for them. Finally, the base was a chocolate jaconde layer, with a layer of dark chocolate underneath. It was dense and rich.

Flourless chocolate biscuit. citron creme, raspberry cremeux, candied vanilla olives, chocolate cinnamon mousse

So my favourite was the Millefeuile, followed by the Chocolate Sacher, and then Miss Marple. I suppose I’m not quite as fond as the last unnamed one as the others, although presentation-wise, it certainly ranks highly. I now have a craving to try my hand at a layered cake. Perhaps I should wait for other dedicated bakers to be around before I try.

Macaron mugshots follow after the break.

My mum ate the pretty lime and basil and the purple one (i think it might have been blackcurrant or something similar). I’m sorry my descriptions are so vague – I woke up and they were already gone! I didn’t even get to take mugshots of them, and she ate the prettiest ones!… Oh Well. Mum said she enjoyed them, but didn’t say much more. Oh well. An excuse to go back, right?

Oh my goodness, this was so good. Admittedly, it’s the first fruit-flavoured macaron I’ve ever tasted, and it absolutely stunned my tastebuds. The filling was exactly like a good passionfruit sorbet, minus the coldness.

Unlike with the passionfruit one, I was measuring this one against the Lindt Delices. I personally thought the macaron shell itself was less rich than the delices, but the filling was definitely richer and more chocolatety. Yummy…

As you have gathered, I’m loving the lemon/citrus fillings, and this one was no different. The taste reminds me exactly of my family’s recipe for lemon pie, down to the ‘crust’ feel of the macaron shells.

Tim and I shared this one, and I still have no idea what it exactly was! The filling had chunks of fruit in there – on recall, I think it might have been something like pineapple? Very pretty, but the taste left us both a little confused. Thanks to Chocolatesuze for telling us that it was actually peach, apricot and saffron. Still don’t really ‘get’ it though.

Rice Pudding:
Having high expectations for these after stealing the last two before Suze could get to them, I wasn’t disappointed at all. They were really good, sweet, with little grains of rice in the filling that gave it texture and crunch.

Compared to the Lindt vanilla delice, the filling had a colder in-mouth-feel. The specks of vanilla bean looked rather nice, but it wasn’t fantastically standout. Not bad, but other delights caught my eye this time.

I’m hoping Tim will get around to tasting his soon, and make comments on them too. Otherwise, if you want to visit to try these for yourself:

Adriano Zumbo
296 Darling St
Balmain, NSW 2041
(02) 9810 7318