We again visited Zumbos this week, this time, without getting lost on the way. It seems we are always going to be destined to forget something, as we were armed with no camera, but with the brochure Suze kindly pointed us to last time. So no glorious instore shots…but we might just be able to get the cake names and components right this time =)

Dulce de Leche Eclair: 

Pate aux choux, dulce de leche creme patissier

I have been drooling over (the very sophisticated sounding) ‘dulce de leche’ for a long time, due mostly to my infatuation with reading food blogs at night when I am likely to be hungry. And so, when I saw this on offer, I immediately started pulling on Tim’s sleeve and begging him for it. We weren’t disappointed. Perfect choux pastry, smothered in caramel and sprinkled liberally with toffee pieces, enclosing a silky smooth, ultra sweet creme patissier. I was literally off in a Fuko-style starfish-eyed daze, broken only because a) I couldn’t work out how to photograph the thing, without it looking like some sort of rabid sea-monster, or worse, and b) someone was reaching for the next cake!



Flourless chocolate biscuit, chocolate jelly, chocolate ganache, vanilla brulee, chocolate mousse & chocolate meringue

Last time, we had been devastated to see, that after reading the description, they were sold out of the Tanzanie. So this time, the moment we saw it, we had to have it. We weren’t disappointed at all. A crispy rich chocolate biscuit base, followed by a slightly sweeter meringue made the cake a little hard to cut into, but that was fine. On top, a layer of smooth and creamy vanilla brulee – I think I fell in love around this point – topped with chocolate ganache, and then mousse. The ganache was just bitter enough to cut through the sweetness of the brulee. On top, I believe it was topped with a super thin layer of chocolate jelly…but I wasn’t sure, since it melted in one’s mouth just like a dark chocolate ganache would. Admittedly, it was the chocolate jelly, and vanilla brulee that drew my attention, so while the latter did not fail to please, I thought the jelly’s presence could be emphasised more.

Citron tart:


Pate sable, lemon creme

Knowing how much I enjoyed all the citrus cremes last time we visited, I couldn’t pass this one up. The simple lemon tart…but oh my, what an experience. The lemon creme was unctuously smooth and practically flowed when we cut into the tart, while the pastry was sweet and balanced the tartness of the filling. Dad was slightly amused at the menu’s odd use of both French and English though – in French, I think it would be ‘tart au citron’, and in English, ‘lemon tart’, but that didn’t stop him from indulging in the other half of the tart!

Chocolate fondant:

Flourless. Chocolate. A giant cube of chocolate ganache. That’s all I really need to say. Although, I did enjoy it with some cream spooned over, just to ‘lighten’ it a bit.


Earl Grey Tea, with chocolate filling:

Unlike the scent, tea taste was not particularly pronounced, but balanced well with the chocolate centre. Just made everything have a greater depth of flavour, I thought. I preferred it over the

Lavender & Blueberry:

It was exceedingly floral, and I couldn’t really taste the blueberry. It is pretty though, but I guess I’m not a huge fan of flowers in my food…

Lastly, we tried one of the many pastries on offer, the Pepito:


It was filled with chocolate and custard – though the custard wasn’t very pronounced. The pastry was gorgeously golden and buttery and flaky. I wish I had had more of it before someone else stole it! We both chose to heat it up a little though, just to melt the chocolate and make it perfect for a cold morning nibble.

I’d like to add here, that like quite a few options on the menu, the Tanzanie and Cinque Terre are both gluten-free. Very much a plus. =)