I may not have said much on this blog to date, but I still serve (no pun intended) a vital purpose.  For you see, it falls to me to write about certain sweet creations when Chris is otherwise indisposed…

Of course, when I mean ‘indisposed’, I mean, ‘jumping up and down in ecstacy over her creation’…

It all started weeks, no, months ago, when we chanced upon a very comprehensive set of instructions on how to make macarons.  “This can’t be too hard,”, we said, all the steps are laid out right there for us.  We were told, in excruciating detail, how macarons can be foiled by overbeating, overfolding, overcooking, overcast weather… but those chefs at Lindt seem to make perfect ones all the time.  How bad could it be?

We quickly learned that it was all true…

Our first experiment in macarons was… interesting.  Trying to get the mix to be of “flows like magma” consistency (how am I supposed to know what magma flows like??) was challenging, and trying to do it in no more than 50 folds just added further pressure to each stroke of the wooden spoon.  (Quite fitting, since my culinary skills deserve just that…)  Add to that the question hanging overhead (literally) of whether the earth’s atmosphere had performed for us, and whether the stars had all aligned in the correct order to result in an adequate batch, and it left us suddenly more hesitant that it was quite so easy as we thought.

The cries of despair and the sobs of “they don’t have feet…” almost tore my heart…. but admittedly, it was a pretty poor result, and certainly didn’t reflect the blood, sweat and tears that went into the cooking…. (maybe that’s what we did wrong…)

The second attempt, carried out by removing one of the potential problems with the first effort (i.e. my involvement) apparently didn’t result in much better results… so bad, in fact, that Chris didn’t even want to bring out the camera…

(Word has it that it made a good ice cream topping… but if I wanted an ice cream topping, I would have just melted up a block of Excellence…)

And so, following Chris’ birthday, we found ourselves with an abundance of cook books.  Somewhere in between the 700 or so cupcake recipes, hidden was a gem of a recipe detailing how to make little pink macarons.  This wasn’t a surprise – what dessert book would be complete without one?

What took us by surprise was the fact that the whole thing was only 5 steps long.

“*gasp* this can’t be right!  It doesn’t assure us that 9 out of 10 of our attempts will fail!  It doesn’t tell us to build an environmentally sealed room in order to get the perfect texture!  All it says is ‘shove the ingredients in a bowl, mix, and bake’ – that can’t be right, can it?”

Measure, grind, sift, fold and bake… how can you make a perfect macaron in 5 easy steps?  No earth turning and stars aligning?  As it turns out…

… the simple things in life can often be the best.  *points at Chris jumping up and down elsewhere in the kitchen yelling “they’ve got feet! they’ve got feet!”  So there we go – maybe the recipe was as simple as it seems.  (Or maybe the stars actually were aligned – we were a bit too busy to check.)

Of course, elation is usually short-lived in this world of ours, and so, something had to happen… I don’t suppose you’d be able to help us peel them off the mat…?

And for that matter, do so without cracking the hollow tops apart..?

*hangs head in shame for that attempt after being banished from the kitchen …*

Anyway, on that, we’ll leave you with two photos.  Look at the first one closely – which one is ours, and which one is Lindt’s delice?  (Or are we just hoaxing you – is the other one actually ours, or did we quietly substitute a Zumbo macaron?)

Or… are we just kidding ourselves….

Yeah.  I think we’re just kidding ourselves…  Oh well, at least it looked nice from one side?  And it was yummy?

In any event, reviews of the Lindt delices will follow eventually.  Meanwhile, back to the drawing board…