I have to apologise for the prolonged awkward silence, life has been rather hectic lately. I’d attempt to cram it all in one post, but I think that would make for a very long post (not that our posts don’t tend to be too long sometimes anyway). I’m not sure I should try to play catch up: It won’t end up being in order anyway.

The latest venture though was a 21st birthday, for which Tim and I made cupcakes. It was a fantastic night, that strange mix of fun, seriousness, emotions and social flitting. Hopefully the birthday girl had a ball, I hear things settled down sometime around 3 in the morning…

The birthday cake. I think the top layer was taro filled, the bottom one was chocolate. The sponge was so light and fluffy.

Cocktail slushies. No, your eyes don’t deceive you, that really does say “Rock Hard Melon”. I didn’t try the alcoholic one, but the Strawberry Seduction was rather nice. It seemed to have the effect of red cordial on the kids.

An agar jelly cake. Isn’t it pretty?

There were a few hundred profiteroles lying around on the tables, homemade (and handmade at some points). Very yummy!

 The assortment of cupcakes on offer. The larger ones, as well as the butterfly cupcake above were made by Tim and I, the butterfly topped mini cupcakes were made by the birthday girl’s sister. Apparently they were all very popular. I’ll need to do a post on the making of at some point…

The 21st birthday wasn’t the only birthday in recent weeks. I celebrated my 19th, my sister celebrated her 13th, the birthday girl’s sister celebrated her 20th. We shared a family birthday dinner at Crystal Fountain Chinese Restaurant. Personally, I wouldn’t go there again, at least, not for the dishes we ordered. It was fairly stock-standard vietnamese wedding reception food, and not a shining example of, in any event. But then, I suppose memories of the family party were a little blurry – i had a splitting headache at the time, and came down rather sick that night. But the cake was rather pretty.

From my uni friends, and a complete surprise to me, a marble cake from Michel’s Patisserie. The icing was very sweet, but matched well with the slightly less sweet interior.

And finally, a Lime and Wild Strawberry Millefuelle from Adriano Zumbos (yes, again!), from Tim. *heart* I’ve been savouring this over a few nights, inch by glorious inch…Man, I think we should get paid, the number of times we’ve mentioned Zumbo…

On the whole, I feel very very very spoilt. ^^