This is Spotty.

This is Spotty’s friend.

Spotty and friend both need to get dressed so that they can attend the cake decorating course Tim and I have been going to for the past 7 weeks.

So we start with almond icing underwear, meticulously smoothed by inexperienced hands…

…then a rather ordinary dress of fondant…

…piped Royal Icing jewellery…

and topped with a beautiful floral crown of handmade roses.

As for Spotty’s friend, he got dressed, rather quickly, as is typical of males


*hides eyes* eep shouldn’t look at him in his underwear!

All good now.

Topped with frangipanis.

There we go, all dressed up now.

And look..! See what everyone else came in!

Grace, if you ever read this, we want to see how your odd-ball went!

What I spent a lazy urban afternoon trying to make – sugar paste formal rose….

A behind the scenes glimpse:

Eeep! The Tylose Monster got me!

It’s all wrestled back into its box now…bad monster, bad!

Making mini frangipanis.

Fill-in flowers.