A series of randomness about things I never got around to blogging, but look semi-decent anyway =)

Soba noodle salad – refreshing on an unusually warm winter day. It doesn’t quite fall under culinary cheating, as it took quite a while, but if you had the dressing, iri-tamago and beansprout salad prepared earlier, it would be a breeze.

Nigella’s baby cakes, in miniature.

 These were supposed to be turned into a SHF worthy blog, but I was busy and never had the chance. Topped with creme brulee. I was too chicken to try brulee-ing the top though – paper wrappers + fire = not a  good combination.


Dan-dan noodles – a quick and easy snack.

PS – flickr feed. Check it out for more things that might just be up and coming…