No, the title isn’t particularly related, I simply have law on the mind. 1 more exam to go…but I’m dying for a break and Tim is sleeping on the couch (no, he’s not in trouble, just tired, I think ^^;;;)

So…the Sydney Food and Wine Fair 2008


I was anxious that the heavens would open, seeing as how dreary a day it was, but it held up, which was great! We arrived about 20 to 12, which gave us plenty of time to scope out what we wanted to try, and overhear a peptalk being given to the volunteers in red. The day was organised to raise money for the AIDS Trust of Australia, which made it an even better reason to go – eating for charity xD

Going from left to right, top to bottom we have:

Bbq Quail: though horribly forgetful me forgot to write down the details of this one. It was tender and savory, but really needed something to push it up into something special.

A Mushroom Mascot! Tim was off getting spaghetti bolognaise from the Bolognaise Battle run by Barilla Pasta and Australian Pork, and I caught a glimpse of this smiling guy.

Crab…thing (not my fault, there wasn’t a sign!) from Sean’s Kitchen. This was pretty cool, and I was sold on presentation alone. Let’s see…the green rectangle was some form of avocado, the red dots were a red capsicum sauce, the green dots I couldn’t really identify, the crab had a layer of jelly (??) on top, which made for interesting texture, and it was served cold. It’s certainly an idea to take away with presentation.

A pretty flower in Hyde Park. Much cooler than the syringe and the ibis.

Tapas Plate with Ajo Blanco, from Compass Group. Tim wasn’t a huge fan of this, but I lapped this up, and nearly licked the plate clean – it had grilled field mushrooms, asparagus, spicy chorizo and roasted tomato~ very Spanish flavours.

Tuna, three ways from Industrie – Again, I didn’t write down exactly what it was, but there was tuna carpaccio dressed with olive oil, tuna tartare with a mustard based sauce and seared tuna. Overall, not bad, but not up to expectations, we were hovering around this one for a while before we managed to get a plate. The white wine wasn’t quite to our liking, but likely, we were biased since someone bumped into Tim and spilt half of it on him. Ah well.

Floating Island Mochaccino Pavlova with Glazed Strawberries & Mascarpone from Ravesi – This was our dessert, and by this time, we were completely main’ed out (plenty of room for dessert, check out the post on the Adriano Zumbo Cafe below xD). The pavlova was more cinnamon than coffee, but it combined very well with all of the flavours, the richness of the mascarpone and the tangy-sourness of the berries (there were raspberries too). I would have perhaps liked it to be crispier on the outside, but when the desserts are sitting in a closed box for a couple hours, with the berry sauce already added, I won’t complain. Perfect for sitting under a tree watching a cute little dog make Hyde Park his, while his owner watches in mild concern and hopes he doesn’t eat the toddlers running around!

Longrain’s Noodle Salad Thai Basil ChillI & Sweet Vinegar – Yum, like a Thai beef salad, minus the beef, in noodle form. Very refreshing.

Not pictured – we tasted the bolognaise from the two chefs, and favoured the one without cream – both are definitely recipes to try sometime though, I’ll have to find the brochure. There was also a lemon sparkling water from Parker’s Organic Sparkling – Tim was quite enamoured, though it was a little sour for my tastes.

All in all, a great day out, especially paired with the foodblogger’s meet. I’ll definitely be doing this again next year.

What I get up to when I’m sick of studying… You might be surprised to hear that I’m not all just food…



A drawing that I started in a Torts class during the term (and continued in the Contracts class that I’m currently writing notes on) and found myself working on when I should have been studying. It’ll eventually appear in a different form, but that’ll be a surprise for later.


So badly out of practice at doing nail art, but it’s a lot more interesting than Contracts unfortunately…