The day was hot and humid, smoky with controlled fires. In the evening, a storm swept through, bringing noise, lightning, rain and blessed relief from the sweltering heat of the day. Settle down with the comforting scents of melted chocolate and flour… Chocolate Crinkles, crisp and sweet on the outside, and darkly rich on the inside. Something sweet, to dry all the tears, trade sweet sleep for fears, as I wait for a kiss goodnight…


Mixing the flour in until just incorporated.


Round chocolate-y balls of goodness…


 Rolling them in icing sugar – they look a little like chocolate truffles.



Take a bite…mm…


I ran out of icing sugar, and was loathe to open a new packet, so I used normal sugar for these last two – they look all pretty and sparkly.

Recipe from Joy of Baking. Song lyrics borrowed from the amazing Vienna Teng. The recipe is certainly a keeper – I had 5 left that I had kept at home – my karate friends devoured the rest!