We visited the Glebe Street Fest – a day of food, shopping and lots of walking.


Yummy Italian flatbread roll – chicken, potato and fresh tomato – we also tried another one with proscuitto, rocket and cheese, which was also very  good.


Highlight of the Fest – dutch poffertjies. These were good. Essentially, tiny pancakes, they were fluffy on the inside and golden-crisp on the outside, piping hot, having come straight off the pan, and smothered in maple syrup, strawberries and whipped cream.



1 plate – enough for dessert for two, even in the middle of lunch!


All gone! This was literally 2 minutes later – they were so light and scoffed down extremely quickly!


Masala Dosa – another pancake-type, ‘thin crisp, golden-brown rice pancake rolled with spiced potato masala & served with coconut chutney and sambar”. The addition of the faintly spicy condiments really lifted this up to another level. The pancake tasted a little like the vietnamese banh xeo, though I didn’t think the filling was anything special. The smell of sizzling hot dogs and gozleme were probably biasing the carnivore in me though..



Ladies making gozleme.  I was first introduced to this at uni, and the smell of lamb and freshly bbq’d dough was so enticing.


Paella pans – a metre across, hot and full of rice, seafood and veggies, these smelt and looked delicious. But by this stage, we were horrendously full, and besides, we wanted to reserve our stomachs for a little…something. More to be revealed…