Well, more like the hidden depths of Glebe. The last stop on our day at the Glebe Street Fair, by this time, we were full, tired, and sore. But there’s always room for chocolate, and we felt the need to do our foodie duties…;)

The interior is a little similar to Max Brenners, albeit with a distinctly aged Spanish theme – warm and comforting, padded seats (bliss!), wooden furniture and dimmed lighting. Didn’t quite have the polish of the Lindt cafes, but welcoming none the less.


Chocolate display – they look yummy.




But these are what San Churro is famous for – dough piped out into hot oil and fried until the outside is crisp and golden, to be dipped in melted chocolate or dulce de leche. The churros were warm and tender on the inside, with their grooves and ridges being the perfect vehicle for the chocolate. I personally thought the batter was a little too plain, but with the icing sugar and milk chocolate, it was balanced in the end. 


Having reluctantly turned down the dulce de leche dipping sauce for the churros, I wouldn’t let Tim say no to the caramel pods in the display cabinet. The cutest little bites of sweet caramel in tiny cups of dark chocolate. My camera was doing strange things to me today, most likely because of the dim lighting, but the effect was rather cool in this picture – almost heart-shaped, don’t you think?



I licked my one clean, and abandoned the dark chocolate – rather sugar’ed out by this time.


The couple across from us left about 4 full churros on their table! It was a travesty! Once again, camera was playing up, but I like the focus black&white touch the editing left on this one. I call it “The Wasted”, in honour of a friend from my highschool Visual Arts class.


We’ve been TAGGED by Teresa at eatshowandtell! We are to say 6 random things about ourselves…

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1. Tim = Monopoly. And can play it remotely, via mobile to his disbelieving friends. And win…

2. Tim lives next-door to a person who is a member of the Le Cordon Bleu Academy – the absolute closest we’ll ever get to it 😉

3. Tim doesn’t think it’s strange to go visit Lindt to buy 10kg of chocolate in the very near future. Tee! This is news to me ^^!

4. Chris has an absolute obsession with paper. In fact, she’ll happily spend $10 on it on a whim, on a daily basis, and to the extreme confusion of some of her friends. (Tim: “that’s news to me too…”)

5. Chris rarely, if ever, sits at her desk. She is currently sitting on her bed, typing this up.

6. Chris doesn’t like using an umbrella. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that she carries notes and textbooks, she’d probably be splashing through puddles, while Tim chases after her with the umbrella she abandoned.

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