Adriano Zumbo’s new collection was released yesterday, so we made a quick(ish) trip to Balmain to check it out. The haul was quite extensive, with ‘lunch’ at the Cafe being an extra splurge.

Instore Goodies:

We managed to get a list of most of the goodies that will be appearing at the counter this season, but these are so new that most of them don’t even have names or labels yet! The staff were very helpful in describing them to us. 


Chocolate dacquoise, chocolate sabayon with salted caramel debris (!!!), chocolate caramel creameaux, caramel mousse

Tim: The guy finished describing it, and I looked at Chris, standing there with big wide eyes, staring adoringly at it, and I knew my place in her life had just been usurped. Well, it made one choice definite…  


Pate a choux, rice pudding creme patisserie, cinnamon dusted fondant.

Chris: First thought? Suze, you’ll love this. Second one? Mine! xD


Pistachio dacquoise, apple cider jelly, vanilla creme chantilly, calvados cooked apples, green apple mousse

Chris: I think that’s what it is, it’s hard matching up descriptions to the picture before actually tasting it. Sounds yummy and perfect for spring though.


Pate au sucree, lemon jelly, citron creme, something creme, italian meringue

Chris: Description is to be updated when it is officially described, this is what we tasted tonight – the newest reincarnation of the beautiful Storm Cloud of last collection, this is refreshing and deliciously tangy. The meringue topping it balances out the sourness of the jelly, and makes this feel like a greatly elaborated lemon meringue pie – never a bad thing.

Tim: I was deceived, I thought it was a citron tart, but there was much more. Still couldn’t identify what it was though.


Yoghurt and Chilli Macaron


Finger Bun Macaron


Green Apple Macaron 


Pineapple and Ginger Macaron 

We’ll let you know how tasting all these goes.

Chocolate Cafe



It’s Not a Hamburger (It’s a macaron) – Chocolate macaron with dulce de leche icecream, on banana caramel rice pudding, topped with chocolate soil

Tim: It’s yum yum yum nice. The dulce de leche was beautiful…

Chris: We had been coveting this dessert since our first visit to the cafe. The presentation since then seems to  have improved, resembling a hamburger much more now. Tim wasn’t a big fan of the banana caramel rice pudding – admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of banana either, but it was a good combination overall. I’m not sure about the chocolate being used in the creations at the cafe – something slightly strange about it that I can’t pin down. It’s not a ‘pure’ chocolate taste…


Chris:The Hot Chocolate was velvety and full of chocolate goodness.

Tim: The Hot Chocolate left me speechless. Just look and see!