“So…start talking.”

I have never worked with yeast before. Ever since taking up my food blog stalking reading habits however, I’ve grown more and more ambitious, ever tempted by crunchy looking crusts, and tender, air-pocket strewn crumbs. And so, I tried. Using the pizza dough recipe from Peter Reinhart’s Bread Baker’s Apprentice, which was used by the Daring Bakers a few months ago.

Lessons learned before going into the oven:

a) No matter how good someone is at maths, make them take out a set of scales and actually *weigh* the flour.

b) Double check amount of flour in the recipe before dumping it into the bowl.

c) Even if a recipe says the dough will be sticky, it should still not be pourable. See a) for why it is pourable.

d) Trust the weather forecast. Have something that will warm the area enough for the yeast to rise on standby.

e) A table lamp is probably not adequate for anything more than interrogation.

f) Flour is your best friend, when the dough seems to be binding itself at a molecular level to anything it comes in contact with.

g) Don’t go out the day you try to make pizza for dinner, when you’ve never done it from scratch in your life.


 Leaving the dough to rest and rise…


Garlic pizza – before…


…and after.


Spicy Supreme


Chicken Supreme – before…


and after.


Mine and unnamed.

Lessons learnt after putting them in the oven:

a) Make sure your oven and pizza stone are screamingly hot for best results.

b) Less is more, in terms of topping. Failure to heed this may result in soggy bases that are too thin to slide onto or off the pizza stone

c) Leftover toppings can be made into delicious oven-baked rolls the next day. 

Tasting Notes



Green Apple Macaron – This feels so Spring-like, sweet, slightly soft for a macaron, but that’s probably because the filling has chunks of apple in it, yum! I love the colour, and the macaron tastes a little of apple candy.


Rice Pudding Eclair – I cannot begin to tell you how good this is. If you loved the rice pudding macaron, you’ll love this, guaranteed. If you don’t, you can give it to me 😉 The dusting of cinnamon just makes the whole thing so fragrant, and the rice grains in the creme patisserie screams rice pudding.