Having finished uni for the year, I feel the need to catch up with my friends – so I present to you a series of “(not)Salad Days” – because we most likely will not be eating salad 😉 I spent the day with Ms Chocolate.

We visited the new Regent Shopping Centre behind the KFC at Town Hall, and spent over an hour and a half in the grocery store!




All shiny and glossy and new-ish


 Tee! These are the mascot of SSB, and to our dismay, not for sale ><


Custard Filled Mascot – But these were! These are part of the reason we spent so long looking in-store, we were watching how they were made.


Fascinating, no?


Brown Sugar Mochi w Red Bean Filling



Yoghurt Mochi w Mango Mousse Filling



 Chocolate Truffle Mochi


Everything looks better in daylight, as you can see… one of these days, I’ll get myself a lightbox. And a DSLR.

Tasting Notes – Deux


Finger Bun Macaron – I actually haven’t tasted a finger bun before, so I’m not sure how true it is to the original. It was very sweet, filled with sultanas and rolled in coconut. The textures were very pleasant, but I’m noticing that this macaron collection tends to soften very quickly, probably because of the additional fillings.


Pineapple and Ginger Macaron – The pineapple lent a subtle sweetness to the filling, but the predominant taste was the warming effect of the ginger. I quite liked the candied ginger touch. Then I got back to work, since I ate and photographed them during my morning tea break xD


Chilli and Yoghurt Macaron – This was certainly one of the more unusual flavours I’ve tried. I know that yoghurt is very good for cooling down  after eating chilli and spicy foods (eg mango lassi style drinks), but together was kinda cool. The chilli had some bite to it, but the yoghurt was mellow, almost a little sour in taste. Very interesting.


Dubbed ‘Pointy’ by Belle of Ooh Look


The apple cider fetched up all translucent in the light – so pretty! From the bottom up, I loved the pistachio base and vanilla creme chantilly with the chopped apples – the contrasting textures worked nicely. The green apple mousse and apple cider didn’t quite do it for me though – it lacked a green freshness in taste that i associate with apple and spring/summer, a little more autumn in flavour, and I wasn’t sure about the textures. It’s nice, but not entirely what I expected.

One more cake from the haul to post, but it deserves a post all on its own.