This is the story of a girl…

…who cried a river and drowned the whole worl–

No, I’m not quite that important.

My name is Christina, but I prefer Chris, if you will. I’m 18, a first-year science/law student with dreams of being an artist, at least at heart. Not as in, amazing painter or anything, but learning to have the creativity and ‘eye’ that defines one who can truly make art, or ‘ear’ for being able to play more than the notes written on the page in front of me. A hopeless tendency for procrastination certainly gets in the way though.

Beyond academia, my interests lie in singing, drawing, cooking (obviously), attempts at piano and guitar, karate and generally spending time with my other half, friends, family, and pet dog Tora.

You can see more about me here, here and here. See you around.



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