I’m not having a particularly good run of cooking recently. Perhaps it is the maternal figure continually nagging me to go learn how to do things properly, or the numerous ‘I told you you should have done this’ (and not from my own head, I’ve long learned to block that out).

Anyway, this sad attempt looks pretty, and the strawberries were awesome – heady scents, and sweet, straight from the farm. On the downside, the genoise was dense, with large rough crumbs and eggy, while the mousseline…well…where to begin with the mousseline.


My first attempt at making the pastry cream flopped. It resulted in a pastry cream so bouncy and thick, I could imagine it talking back. Yes, it had that much attitude. I tried salvaging it by adding milk a little at a time, and it eventually smoothed out again. Which made for a decent pastry cream, but didn’t come together as a mousseline upon adding butter the next day.

The second attempt looked reasonable, but was possibly undercooked, and ended up too runny, and not setting. So, it went into the freezer so I could get a reasonable shot, but someone tilted it before it had frozen, so that the surface wasn’t smooth anymore.


Once out of the freezer, it melted really quickly, and was too sweet for my liking (which says a lot, seeing what a sweet tooth I have).


I don’t want to give up, it’s such a beautiful cake, so I’m putting a call out – Any suggestions, recipes, tips and hints to make this work?



This is a road to somewhere. We’ll never really know where. But we can dream. And we can travel onwards, together.


But what’s a foodblog without food? More chocolates from the Adriano Zumbo Chocolate Cafe.


Having finished uni for the year, I feel the need to catch up with my friends – so I present to you a series of “(not)Salad Days” – because we most likely will not be eating salad 😉 I spent the day with Ms Chocolate.

We visited the new Regent Shopping Centre behind the KFC at Town Hall, and spent over an hour and a half in the grocery store!



No, the title isn’t particularly related, I simply have law on the mind. 1 more exam to go…but I’m dying for a break and Tim is sleeping on the couch (no, he’s not in trouble, just tired, I think ^^;;;)

So…the Sydney Food and Wine Fair 2008


I was anxious that the heavens would open, seeing as how dreary a day it was, but it held up, which was great! We arrived about 20 to 12, which gave us plenty of time to scope out what we wanted to try, and overhear a peptalk being given to the volunteers in red. The day was organised to raise money for the AIDS Trust of Australia, which made it an even better reason to go – eating for charity xD

Going from left to right, top to bottom we have:

Bbq Quail: though horribly forgetful me forgot to write down the details of this one. It was tender and savory, but really needed something to push it up into something special.

A Mushroom Mascot! Tim was off getting spaghetti bolognaise from the Bolognaise Battle run by Barilla Pasta and Australian Pork, and I caught a glimpse of this smiling guy.

Crab…thing (not my fault, there wasn’t a sign!) from Sean’s Kitchen. This was pretty cool, and I was sold on presentation alone. Let’s see…the green rectangle was some form of avocado, the red dots were a red capsicum sauce, the green dots I couldn’t really identify, the crab had a layer of jelly (??) on top, which made for interesting texture, and it was served cold. It’s certainly an idea to take away with presentation.


Teee It’s Finally Open!

The long-awaited Adriano Zumbo Chocolate Cafe has opened, at long last, after a few weeks of visiting every weekend (to the point that the staff at the patissierie now know us by face and order~). And so what better way to welcome it than have a foodbloggers meet!

We met Susan from chocolatesuze, Lorraine from notquitenigella, Belle and William from Ooh Look…, and Richard from Here Comes the Food! It’s amazing~ throw me into a room with people distantly related to me in some vague way, and I’ll shut up and become engrossed in my food. Throw me into a room of (relative) strangers (if you don’t count stalking their blogs) who will all whip out a camera as the waitress approaches, and I’m at home!

Moments of hilarity, and very awesome desserts followed…


Our Iced Milk Chocolate~ It was very chocolatey and very good…although the way Susan was hugging her mug of hot chocolate happily to herself, I think that’s got to be tried next time.

The Younger Years – Hot Chocolate Fondant w Peanut Butter Icecream & Raspberry Injection

Lorraine and Richard both had one of these. It was amusing to see everyone whip out a camera when the waitress approached – I think we must have startled her, because she backed away a little and asked if we wanted to do the injecting (literally!) ourselves! It was very rich, and very cool, an interesting combination of flavours.

Miss Marple Deconstructed – Mascarpone Crepes w Maple & Strawberry & Orange Jellies

Mmmmm ours…. This was good. Really good. The hair in Belle and William’s barely fazed anyone, it was that good. The jellies were half frozen, which was really refreshing, and the maple caramelised and made toffee on the plate. I find myself craving another one now…Another visit is so called for. 

It’s Not a Hamburger – chocolate macaron sandwich w dolce latte gelato, rice pudding & chocolate soil

We didn’t get to try this one, but it does look very yummy. The others were engaged in a discussion of “is there banoffee in there?” (Tim looked slightly confused, i think), while the rice pudding was only tasted by Suze – elusive, to be sure.

We couldn’t resist bringing home a selection of these lovelies… There were comments about one called “Cameltoe” (red wine centered chocolate) ~ Not sure I got the reference, but Tim was covering my ears in an attempt to ‘protect’ my ‘innocence’, so it’s probably not work-safe/parent-safe to google!

 The Selection – a Fried Egg! (white chocolate, rice crispies, and passionfruit centre, with pepper (!!) I think?), Salted Caramel, Vanilla Caramel and Mint. The Salted Caramel was awesome, I could live on these (I get carbs, a few minerals, some antioxidants, and calcium? Not bad 😉 )

Well, I should get back to dragging the chain, but I’ll have these yummy chocolates to keep for when I just need a break, right?

A post on the Good Food Month’s Food and Wine Festival will emerge next time I can slip the study leash. In the mean time, how I survive exams follows.


We try our best to walk past, really we do. But the temptation overcomes us, and sometimes, we feel compelled to press our eager faces to the glass, for just a glimpse of the wonders that will surely lie inside. The Adriano Zumbo Cafe is overdue to open now, and it’s getting harder to wait. It’s tucked away in a neat little corner a few store-fronts down from the original patissier, and so far, remains resolutely inaccessible.

In the meantime, we delight ourselves in the special Good Food Month flavours. Milo, above, and Rose and Lychee, below, and Coconut and Something Leafy (Tim paid a lot of attention) below that. Along with our favourite cakes and macaron flavours, perhaps we can wait. Perhaps.

Every little girl at the age of 8 is aware of the concept of a ‘best friend’. There are certain unspoken (and occasionally spoken) playground rules – the most sacred, your best friend comes first, before anyone and everything else, boyfriend (a memory of playing ‘catch and kiss’ comes to mind), other friends, anyone.

But then you learn that you can share your heart to and between more than one person. You learn that though that initial stab of betrayal would make itself known, it didn’t hurt quite as much when someone you considered your best friend made other best friends and joined other groups. You get over it. But that one rule remained, partners come and go, but friends, well, they would always have your back. And even if you abandoned them for stolen schoolyard moments with that new romance, they would be there when you came back crying, they would form a barricade to block his path when you couldn’t stand to talk to him, they’d share a chocolate cookie or three (from your lunch, not theirs), and they would lend an ear to hear you whine and rage – even if they couldn’t say anything in reply. Family, in all but blood.

But perhaps selfishness has intervened. Priorities change, and while it is always nice to hang out, those times are few and far inbetween. Moments with just the two of us have become too valuable, even though they abound. It is difficult to share.
It is hard to step back and fully realise that things were not always like this, that there used to be, and should be, other suns lighting someone’s world. But sometimes, its the threat of the loss of those suns that jolts us back to reality – that we both might have obligations to step aside momentarily. That there are pasts and history, not just the present and future, and the threads of a shared life must continue to be woven to be maintained.

So I share cookies, just like I used to, and hope that friends return to their haunts around the piano, to enjoy the bitter-sweet, salty taste. Like tears and chocolate, of lost friends and those who leave, of late birthdays and far too abstract and irrelevant food posts that really shouldn’t concern anyone as the author is simply contemplative – Perhaps these are the moments that we need Pierre Herme’s World Peace Cookies.


Until then, I pray you have a safe trip. And while the wind blows, we can only hope we will be scattered together again.


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