Eating Out

Having heard numerous reviews about this place, particularly its tendency to be packed out, we came hungry and eager and early. The wait wasn’t too long for our party of 3, which was good, but granted, we arrived very shortly after 12, and it was already full, with a waiting list of about 4 tables. Thankfully, service was fairly prompt and unobtrusive, topping up water glasses discreetly, and bringing out orders relatively quickly.


Shio Butter Ramen, with extra Pork

Tim’s bowl – he had apparently been on the previous Saturday (without telling me, or taking photos!), and had ordered the Shio Ramen, in case I scolded him for the added butter. Naturally, I demanded he get it this time, so I could try some xD. The extra pork was needed – as you can see from the bowl below, the bowls ordinarily come with just one piece of pork, which is so not enough, given the size of the bowl. Extra pork (4 slices) will cost you though, but is worth sharing. The butter added a touch of decadence to the fairly good bowl of soup, a little more depth, and went particularly well with the sweet corn. Tim wasn’t sure it was worth the extra $1.50 though, compared to the original Shio Ramen.


Very Hot Ramen

B hasn’t been on one of our foodie trips before, and looked slightly bemused as I whipped out a camera and took a shot of his bowl before he had even picked up his chopsticks. He said that the ‘Very Hot’ ramen, was indeed, very hot, and finished it, soup and all.


Karaage Ramen

Mine! I haven’t had ramen for a while, and this was very much one of the better examples I’ve tried. The soup was savoury and unami-laden, and noodles deliciously slurpable. The karaage chicken was so-so – nice and crisp before soaking up the soup and tender on the inside, but could so totally be jazzed up a little. I didn’t get as much corn, or any beansprouts as Tim, which made me ‘sadface’, but stealing some from him made my meal feel a little more balanced.

In general, it’s a good eat, and I can see why it’s popular. I can’t help but feel distinctly ripped off though, particularly with the cost of toppings (or lack thereof). One of my major complaints about a popular Vietnamese Pho Restaurant is its exuberant pricing on extras, and Ichi-Ban Boshi has a little of the same feel, although the serving sizes themselves are quite reasonable. Other than that, look at paying between $10 to $14 for a bowl of ramen. Not quite uni-student fare, but otherwise very much passable.




The Lindt Cafe is a haven in a city of bustle and business. Not as ‘cozy’ as Max Brenners or San Churros, but polished and well matched to the suits which cue up for coffee and hot chocolates, it is a place we frequent often. My trip with Ms Music was the first time I sampled any of the cakes on display, though truffles, delices and drinks have all found a happy home with me. 


Passion – A dark chocolate caramel mousse & a zesty passion fruit mousse layered with chocolate sponge that has been soaked in passion fruit puree. $11.00

My pick. I love this particular flavour combination, and would love to try to recreate it. I was disappointed with the chocolate shards around though, too obviously refrigerated and flavourless compared to what I expect of Lindt chocolate, and the value…well…definitely to be a rare treat, I think.


Celebration du Chocolat – Layers of dark chocolate cake & fine milk chocolate mousse, encased by a chocolate ganache and ribbons of milk and dark chocolate. $11.50

Ms. Music’s pick. Apparently surprisingly light and un-rich, she seemed quite pleased with this pick. 

Level 1, 53 Martin Place 
Sydney, NSW, 2000.

Phone (02) 8257 1600


This is a road to somewhere. We’ll never really know where. But we can dream. And we can travel onwards, together.


But what’s a foodblog without food? More chocolates from the Adriano Zumbo Chocolate Cafe.


Having finished uni for the year, I feel the need to catch up with my friends – so I present to you a series of “(not)Salad Days” – because we most likely will not be eating salad 😉 I spent the day with Ms Chocolate.

We visited the new Regent Shopping Centre behind the KFC at Town Hall, and spent over an hour and a half in the grocery store!




Adriano Zumbo’s new collection was released yesterday, so we made a quick(ish) trip to Balmain to check it out. The haul was quite extensive, with ‘lunch’ at the Cafe being an extra splurge.

Instore Goodies:

We managed to get a list of most of the goodies that will be appearing at the counter this season, but these are so new that most of them don’t even have names or labels yet! The staff were very helpful in describing them to us. 



Well, more like the hidden depths of Glebe. The last stop on our day at the Glebe Street Fair, by this time, we were full, tired, and sore. But there’s always room for chocolate, and we felt the need to do our foodie duties…;)

The interior is a little similar to Max Brenners, albeit with a distinctly aged Spanish theme – warm and comforting, padded seats (bliss!), wooden furniture and dimmed lighting. Didn’t quite have the polish of the Lindt cafes, but welcoming none the less.




We visited the Glebe Street Fest – a day of food, shopping and lots of walking.


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